Steven Katkowsky

Steven Katkowsky's roots in art trace back to his childhood, spent amid the woodworking tools of his father's cabinet making shop. This early exposure set the foundation for his lifelong engagement with design and construction. During his college years, Steven refined his skills under the mentorship of master wood carver George Keilhofer, further deepening his appreciation and capability in crafting intricate designs.

For many years, Steven worked as a designer and general contractor in the Bay Area of California, where he specialized in creating unique and artistic kitchens and baths. His approach to design blends functionality with artistic flair, incorporating elements of his woodworking background into modern living spaces. Today, based in St. Augustine, Florida, Steven continues to explore mixed media, bringing together various materials and techniques to express his creative vision in residential interiors and beyond. His work is a testament to the skillful integration of form and function, reflecting a sophisticated understanding of both the aesthetic and practical aspects of design.

Location: St. Augustine, Florida

Preferred Medium: Mixed Media