Sharon Coleman

Sharon Coleman, an artist based in St. Augustine, Florida, finds her muse in the scenic beauty of her surroundings, from ocean walks to interior decor. Sharon’s journey began in the 1990s with basic drawing classes, evolving to include oil painting and acrylics. During the Covid-19 shutdown, she embraced online learning, producing a "Coronavirus Series" and significantly expanding her digital presence in 2023 with a new website, a monthly newsletter, and professional social media pages.

Sharon's style is colorful, intuitive, and eclectic, aiming to evoke joy in viewers. She enjoys the versatility of acrylics and mixed media, using unconventional tools like her fingers and scrapers to create unique textures and effects. Her recent achievements include features in a neighborhood magazine as an emerging artist, participation in her first juried art show, and a successful year of sales and commissions.

Inspired by artists from Van Gogh to Edward Hopper, Sharon's work reflects a blend of tenacity, expressiveness, and abstraction. She aspires to continue exploring both abstract and representational art, inviting viewers into her vibrant artistic world.

Location: St. Augustine, Florida

Preferred Mediums:

  • Acrylic
  • Mixed media