Raquel Rubí

Raquel Rubí, a classical soprano with the soul of an artist, finds profound inspiration in music, which permeates her painting endeavors. Residing in St. Augustine, Florida, Raquel has embraced painting as a new voice to express her artistic impulses, paralleling her passion for music. She revels in the exploration of diverse themes, with a particular affinity for portraits and music-related subjects.

Raquel's artistic media of choice include oil paints and mixed media, and she is currently delving into innovative techniques involving inks and gold leaf, occasionally venturing into abstract art. Her recent achievements include a solo exhibition titled "A Brush with Fame" at the Rotunda of the St. Augustine Government Center in December 2023. Influenced by the Renaissance and Art Nouveau movements, Raquel admires the works of Boticelli, Mucha, and Gustav Klimt, drawing from their styles to enrich her own creations. Her artistic journey is a continuous celebration of the intersection between visual art and the melodious world of opera.

Location: St. Augustine, Florida

Preferred Mediums:

  • Oil
  • Mixed media