Rachel Fleischman

Rachel, a mixed media artist based in St. Augustine, Florida, translates her introspective journey into captivating visual art. Originally from Lake Worth, her work is a reflection of her evolving views on the concept of home and the dynamic world around her. Using a variety of media, Rachel creates photographic and mixed media pieces that intuitively dissect her surroundings.

Her latest body of work captures individuals in unconventional portraits, highlighting her personal connection to them and her home. Through her art, viewers are invited to share Rachel's unique perspective, sparking their own introspection and curiosity.

Deeply rooted in her hometown, Rachel's art is a testament to her deep connection to the places and people she holds dear. Her pieces encourage viewers to reflect on their own experiences, making her work both personal and universally relatable.

Location: St. Augustine, Florida
Preferred Mediums: Mixed media, photography