Lisa Myers

Lisa Myers embarked on her artistic journey somewhat unexpectedly, following a traumatic brain injury from a biking accident in 2015. With determination to redefine her path, she took to painting, exploring various mediums and styles. By 2017, Lisa had relocated to St. Augustine and by 2019 began showcasing her work in pop-up galleries. That same year, she co-founded ArtBox, where she also displays her art.

Lisa's work is dynamic, colorful, and spontaneous, often characterized by abstract landscapes and large abstract pieces that blend additive and subtractive paint techniques, alongside collage and stencil elements. Her style remains fluid, constantly evolving as she experiments with new ideas. Her significant exhibitions include those at Jacksonville International Airport and the St. John's County Rotunda, with upcoming displays planned for Black Molly restaurant.

Inspired by the abstract expressionists of the mid-20th century, particularly Jackson Pollock, Lisa's art reflects a deep engagement with color and form, mirroring her admiration for the natural whimsy of cloud formations.

Location: St. Augustine, Florida

Preferred Mediums:

  • Acrylic
  • Mixed media
  • Oil