Halle Kenney

Creativity has always been a passion of mine and runs in my family. My dad was a fine artist and really empowered me to continue creating throughout my life. After he passed away, I finally realized that I wanted to start living life for myself while also being able to bring inspiration to others. I’ve always enjoyed creating little creatures out of clay and now I finally feel brave enough to put them out into the world. My goal in life is to bring happiness and positivity into everyone’s life that I cross paths with.

I find that a lot of my inspiration comes from not only my family members but also video games. I grew up playing video games with my brothers and have never stopped since then. I find so much beauty in the settings and themes of certain types of games. I really resonate with indie games that tell meaningful stories and Nintendo games that just make me feel happy inside. Sometimes life gets pretty serious and I find that unwinding with a cozy game brings me peace inside.

I’m here to make people smile by bringing both my original creations as well as game characters to life.

I hope to bring you happiness and positivity with these silly little creatures that I like to call “Pals”!