Christine O'Brien

Christine O'Brien, a jewelry designer based in St. Johns, Florida, crafts pieces that embody an eclectic and bohemian style. Her passion for jewelry design is driven by the joy of sharing her creations, which she approaches with a dedication that has involved significant personal investment to refine her skills. Christine's workday typically starts in the late morning and extends into the evening, allowing her to focus on her craft during her most productive hours.

Her inspiration comes from various sources, including Pinterest, fashion trends, and movies, which contribute to her unique and eclectic designs. One of her proudest moments was selling a complete set modeled at Wildheart, embodying her philosophy of creating art for love rather than profit alone. Influenced by artists like Denise Yazbek Moore, known for her ability to combine disparate elements harmoniously, Christine continues to evolve her style, which also adorns her home through pieces like Lisa Myers' paintings.

Location: St. Johns, Florida

Preferred Medium: Jewelry