Anita Fanic

Anita Fanic’s passion for photography began in her youth, inspired by nature and long woodland walks. This early love blossomed into a career that combines her joys of travel and artistic exploration. Anita’s photography is unique not only in its creation but in its effect, offering viewers a sense of peace and liberation. Her work mainly features nature and bright lights, captured using Intentional Camera Movement (ICM), a technique that allows her to express her vision without the constraints of conventional photography.

Over the past 15 years, Anita has refined her ICM technique, creating images directly in-camera with minimal post-processing. This method involves moving the camera in various directions during a slow shutter exposure, a style that has gained her a considerable following and numerous awards. Recently, her dream of showcasing her work in a gallery was realized, further motivating her to share her methods through workshops. Anita aspires to expand her reach to include commercial spaces like hotels and businesses, and dreams of creating a dedicated website for her art.

  • Location: Jacksonville, Florida
  • Preferred Medium: Photography