Alan Melson

Alan Melson's artistic pursuit is driven by his passion for capturing scenes that resonate emotionally, from still life to landscapes and portraits. The interplay of light and shadow is central to his work, emphasizing a luminous quality that defines his style. Over the years, Alan has transitioned from representational realism to a more impressionistic approach, hoping to convey the joy of nature's beauty to his audience.

Alan began his artistic journey with oil paints and has since experimented with pastels and mixed media. Each new piece is an opportunity for growth, as he continually seeks to refine his technique and explore new subject matter. His achievements include various awards and the publication of one of his still lifes, but he values the process of artistic evolution most highly.

Inspired by a wide array of artists, from Dutch masters like Van Huysum and Deheem to Impressionists like Monet and contemporary painters like Dan Gerhartz, Alan's work is a blend of historical reverence and personal innovation. Music plays a significant role in his creative process, with a diverse soundtrack that complements his artistic mood and output.

Location: St. Augustine, Florida

Preferred Mediums:

  • Oil
  • Mixed Media