Telise Rodelv

Oil, Cold Wax, Mixed Media

Born and raised in northern Norway, Mid Century Modern was a way of living, not just a design concept. Being surrounded by towering mountains, endless seas, simple shapes and colors has influenced Telise from an early age on; even after having lived in the United States most of her adult life. Abstract art captured her heart after studying at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, VA, across the Potomac river and all the fabulous art museums in Washington DC. Working in oil and cold wax for the last 6 years has been very exciting, producing a large number of works, and “playing” with mixed media ever since she started painting has allowed her the freedom to really try out all kinds of ways of creating. 

Combining her photography printed on silk or see-through film, then added onto her original paintings is a very exciting recent avenue. 

She moved to St. Augustine in 2020 and has been a member and docent at the St. Augustine Art Association for the last two years, winning a few awards.

rodelv portrait

The Artist's Style

This is a sampling of art by this artist. Actual pieces may or may not be available at Art Box at this time. Please stop by the gallery to view the currently available pieces at Art Box 137.