Lisa Myers

Acrylic & Mixed Media

Spontaneity, dynamic and energetic paint strokes, and careful attention to the ways in which colors interact to elicit strong emotional responses. Each work begins with a mark on the blank canvas and the wonder of where that simple gesture will take Lisa and the viewer.

Lisa majored in art history at Old Dominion University, where she studied various approaches to the blank canvas over the centuries. Abstract expressionists Elaine and Willem de Kooning, Clifford Still, and Mark Rothko had particular influence on her work.

Jazz and new forms of music influenced the abstract impressionists. Lisa is especially fond of this quote by de Kooning: “Miles Davis bends the notes, he doesn’t play them, he bends them. I bend the paint.” To evoke emotion, Lisa bends the paint as well.

Lisa Myers - Artist

The Artist's Style

This is a sampling of art by this artist. Actual pieces may or may not be available at Art Box at this time. Please stop by the gallery to view the currently available pieces at Art Box 137.