Juanita Reyes


Juanita Reyes, native to Bayville New Jersey, is a local artist who moved to Saint Augustine in 2009 with her husband and 4 children.

Over the years, when time permitted, she has studied painting in acrylics, drawing, interior design, fashion design, and drafting. Just ask her and she will tell you that the art store is truly her candy store…

Life has taken her on its own journey and the bustle of life has limited her time to focus on her inner desire to delve into her talent. Nevertheless, that artist within has finally come to flourish here at ART BOX. 

She is inspired by her love of the 19th century impressionistic style of color, textures, light and movement and she believes that inspiration can be found in anything and at any time if you just pay close attention to whatever gives you goosebumps. 

Juanita Reyes

The Artist's Style

This is a sampling of art by this artist. Actual pieces may or may not be available at Art Box at this time. Please stop by the gallery to view the currently available pieces at Art Box 137.