Jacquelyn Pfaff-Pratt

Oil, Pastels, Plein Air

Jacquelyn has had a life long interest in visual art. It has been an important part of her life. Her interests are varied. Jacquelyn has tried a little bit of everything in her career as an art teacher. She has had to draw and create almost everything. Her first love in art was oil paint. She has returned to it as an adult after her retirement.

She is proficient in pastels and colored pencil and is currently relearning watercolor. Her images are often found in nature. She is an avid Plein Air painter. Her studio work images are still life, figurative, animals, architectural, etc. Her interests are varied. Style…Impressionism plus expressionism a marriage of the two. It is about how she is seeing, relating and feeling to the image that she creates.


The Artist's Style

This is a sampling of art by this artist. Actual pieces may or may not be available at Art Box at this time. Please stop by the gallery to view the currently available pieces at Art Box 137.