Anita Fanic

ICM Photography

Anita’s passion for photography started at a very young age. With her camera in hand and enjoying long walks in nature, she was always looking for unusual, abstract scenes and intimate close-ups of the beautiful forms, colors and textures of the natural world.

It wasn’t until about ten years ago that she was introduced to a unique style of photography called ICM (Intentional Camera Movement). This started her passion for expressing and creating the vision of the world around her through her eyes. It allows her to be free to transform a typical subject into an abstract or flowing image by moving her camera and lens in many different motions and using slow shutter speeds. All of her images are created in-camera as a single exposure with minimal use of Photo Shop (only to correct exposure, contrast, cropping, etc.). Some of her images will look like something completely different than what they were originally which produces interesting and unusual interpretations.

She welcomes you to enjoy her art through her eyes!


The Artist's Style

This is a sampling of art by this artist. Actual pieces may or may not be available at Art Box at this time. Please stop by the gallery to view the currently available pieces at Art Box 137.